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Delaware and Raritan Canal: Treasure in Central New Jersey with Ted Settle

Delaware and Raritan Canal: Treasure in Central New Jersey with Ted Settle

Join us for our Heritage Lecture Series featuring Ted Settle's presentation on the Delaware and Raritan Canal: A Central New Jersey Gem. Discover the challenges faced by its designers and builders as we journey from Bordentown to New Brunswick along the canal, exploring its intricate network of locks, bridges, and tender houses. Delve into the engineering marvels that made the canal operational, including managing water levels and navigating natural obstacles. Experience the canal's rich ecosystem, encountering wildlife and vibrant wildflowers along the way. Don't miss this captivating exploration of a historic treasure in our region.

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About Ted Settle:

Growing up in California, Ted Settle developed a lifelong passion for photography when his parents gave him a Kodak box camera. Transitioning to a Konica 35mm camera in the mid-1960s, his interest blossomed during a trip to Australia in 1999, where he was introduced to professional photography using Canon equipment. Since then, he has remained dedicated to Canon cameras and lenses.

Ted's journey in photography has taken him through diverse landscapes and experiences. From capturing the scenic Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park during his daily commute to documenting travels across Australia, Costa Rica, the Middle East, and beyond, he has explored various terrains and light conditions. Through classes and practical experience, he has honed his craft, building a portfolio that reflects his enduring fascination with nature and culture.

Recently, Ted's focus has shifted to the majestic landscapes of Montana and Wyoming, particularly the Bear Tooth Mountains and Yellowstone. Embracing the challenge of photographing celestial wonders like the Milky Way amidst Montana's dark skies, he continues to evolve as a photographer, capturing the beauty of our world with every click of his shutter.

About Delaware River Greenway Partnership

This talk, one in a series, open to the public and free of charge, is sponsored by the Delaware River Greenway Partnership (DRGP) about different aspects of the cultural, recreational, and natural heritage of the Delaware River. An environmental nonprofit, DRGP supports the Delaware River Scenic Byway, the Lower Delaware Wild & Scenic River, the Delaware River Water Trail, and the Delaware River Heritage Trail.

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Event Date 03-20-2024 7:30 pm
Location Virtual/Online

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